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The South Carolina Procurement Review Panel, established in 1982 by Subarticle 3, section 11-35-4410 of the Consolidated Procurement Code, is responsible for providing an administrative review of formal protests of decisions arising from the solicitation and award of contracts, the debarment or suspension of a person from consideration for award of a contract; a decision concerning the resolution of a contract or breach of contract controversy; or any other decision, policy, or procedure arising from or concerning the expenditure of state funds for the procurement of any supplies, services, or construction procurement in accordance with the provisions of the Consolidated Procurement Code. The Panel is composed of five members drawn from the private sector and two state employees, all of whom are appointed by the Governor. The Panel’s composition and specialized purpose allows it to schedule and conduct hearings in a very timely fashion, which is one of its continuing strategic goals. Timely hearings and written decisions from the Panel allow the State to conduct its business efficiently while ensuring that the State’s procurement process is open and fair to all participants.